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About Sonoma Bike Guides

Phil Fifer owner at Sonoma Bike Guides.
20 Plus years of riding and racing Bikes
8 years of Bike Industry knowledge and skills
Professional Bike Mechanic
CPR certified
15 years of Sonoma County local knowledge
6 years experience in the Wine Industry
Craft Beer Enthusiast

Welcome To Sonoma Bike Guides

Sonoma Bike Guides is a company that has been in the planning of and thought about for many years. I, Phil Fifer, am pleased that it now allows me to share my passion for cycling and adventures with others. Out of my enjoyment for riding with others and sharing new experiences, along with my rich bike background came the opportunity to design this company. I want you to bike the same trails and roads that I am privileged to ride, and have raced on since 1999. As a local, I know which routes to choose, and trails to guide you on to optimize your overall enjoyment and exceed your expectations of the area. I want you to experience the crisp, clean smells of the redwoods as we travel down some of the best single tracks the world has to offer on the high performance bike that you rented from Sonoma Bike Guides to maximize the local terrain. When you see the miles and miles of vineyards stretching out along our paths, and the coastal views, you will know you have arrived and are experiencing one of the best rides of your life.

My background includes being a bike shop owner and a professional bike mechanic in California’s Wine Country for over 8 years. This has allowed me opportunities to envelop myself in the bike industry, such as organizing both local and out of the area group rides, assisting with local bikes races, and helping out with trail building. My goal is to meet the needs of the person desiring quality and customer service in their bike riding adventures by offering luxurious, full accommodation bike rides. Know and be confident that you will be taken care of. I strive to get the most adventure and fun out of the situation and time that I have to ride, so you can plan on me doing that for your outing as well. Even amongst my friends, I tend to naturally take the lead on rides and planning out the route for the trip, not because I like control, but because people that know me know that I will do everything in my power to take full advantage of the potential fun and overall experience to be had. My enthusiasm helps people push their limits which allows them to get the most out of their cycling experience.

Sonoma Bike Guides are designed for you to get the most out of your ride without you needing to worry about anything. Requests can be accommodated, and events can be modified to meet your expectations and make sure you get what you want. Your time is precious so your trip will be planned accordingly.

  • Ever found yourself on a trail realizing you should have gone a different way?
  • Ever spent more time looking at a map than riding your bike?
  • Ever learned from others, after the fact, that you missed all of the good trails or roads?
  • Ever been injured on a ride and alone?
  • Ever broke down on your bike and had no one to help out?

Let Sonoma Bike Guides help you avoid these things on your next ride!

Go Ride!

Mountain Biking

We love mountain biking and always have plenty of rides scheduled.


Road Cycling

Our road rides take you through rolling vineyards in the heart of Wine Country.


Corporate Tours

Get your team out of the office and into the saddle with one of these packages.


Customized Rides

We can customize a ride to meet most any requirement – just ask!