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Skill & Fitness Level

The skill and fitness level is based on of a starting point of Level 1 where a beginner rider is eager to ride hard and currently building skills and fitness. At level 1, the rider is physically able to complete a 20 mile road ride and or a 10 mile mountain bike ride. If a rider’s skill level is below a level 1, one may want to reconsider booking a trip for safety reasons. EXCEPTIONS: all members of the booking party are below level 1, or a private, one on one guided trip or ride is desired.

Skill and Fitness Level 1

  • Willing to push body and limits–just don’t have many experiences on a bike.
  • Have ridden at least 10 miles of Mountain biking or 20 Mile road ride.

Skill And Fitness Level 2

  • Weekend rider and has some experiences with longer rides.
  • Knows how to handle a bike or understands their limits on the mountain and road.

Skill and Fitness Level 3

  • Rides most weekends and can fit in some weekday rides or spin classes.
  • Extra rides are put in during the week to try and improve fitness level.
  • Maybe signed up for some beginner or sport class races or events.
  • Skill might outweigh fitness.
  • Participates in group rides occasionally.
  • Pushes self hard enough to have experienced cramps/bonking.
  • Probably has a Strava account by now.

Skill and Fitness Level 4

  • Rides both multiple times and locations in a week.
  • Plans vacations around their riding and race events.
  • Spends time on websites like Strava, Garmin Connect, Map my Ride, and review sites.
  • Thinks in grams and wattage.
  • Logs 300-600 miles during peak months.
  • Bike is worth as much or more than first car ever owned.
  • Has multiple bikes and understands why you have more than one bike.
  • Spends too much money on bike races and time worrying about results.
  • Rides hard and fast for multiple hours.
  • Can’t imagine not pushing themselves to their limits almost every time on a bike.
  • Adventurous personality type that has gotten themselves in over their heads many times on a bike.
  • Good riding skills in groups and can handle most technical terrain on a mountain bike.
  • Biking has become a lifestyle.

Skill and Fitness Level 5

  • Although you make fun of skill Level 4 people, you’re just like them but really fast.
  • Pro level skills and fitness and won’t consider riding a bike without some serious miles or elevation.
  • Usually on a training schedule and will have expectations or want some results from every ride.
  • Ranked racers or respected rider in your community.
  • Level 4 guys want to ride with you and you get pleasure pushing them beyond their limits.
  • KOM actually means something to you.
  • Vacations are based off of race schedule only.
  • Knows and understands their threshold readings and how to improve them.
  • Expert and pro level that rarely get to be pushed when on a “vacation ride”.

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