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Annadel Park, Santa Rosa

  • Biking trails in Annadel.

Annadel Park, Santa Rosa

Come ride one of California’s best state parks. Hard to find a Place with more diverse terrain and single track. Incredible views, lakes, streams, and tons of wildlife to make your adventure more memorable.

Spare a few hours while on vacation in the wine country and you wont be disappointed. Right in the heart of Santa Rosa. Want to travel up from the Bay Area and go where the locals go? How about come out for a pre-race ride to get to know the course for race day. Sonoma Bike Guides can arrange what ever your interested in doing or seeing in regards to Annadel.

Annadel is not steep but it is Rocky and a full suspension for most people is the bike of choice. So if interested in a full suspension bike we do rent them. Ride will include mostly singletrack and will be approximately 22 miles with approximately 3000 ft of climbing. Should be able to do that in about 2.5 hrs if keep the pace up and moving.

We can offer multi-day rides here as well or add other local parks to the ride or rides if desire. Just email me with questions or concerns.


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Duration: 1 day(s)

Skill & Fitness Level: 4

Price: $125.00