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Skeggs Point Day Trip

Skeggs Point Day Trip

Skeggs Point is located off of Skyline Road in Woodside, CA. The terrain is smooth and flows really well with lots of banked turns and little jumps. Heavy Canopy offers a lot of shade and protection from the elements. The trails are steep both up and down which causes the overall trip to be short in terms of miles but we will get plenty of saddle time. The route based off the group will be approximately 12 miles and last about 2.5 hrs. Lots of fun and “a lot bang for your buck” kind of a place.

This is one of only a couple rides where we are NOT OFFERING food on the trip. We will be stopping for food as a group and your welcome to bring along a lunch or nutritional needs. There is a great little place right down the road that offers a wide range of food options and has a great little bar and outside patio.

If want to customize the trip by filling up all the spots we can offer food or take you anywhere your group would like to go.


Location: Skeggs Points, Woodside CA

Duration: 1 day(s)

Skill & Fitness Level: 3

Price: $165.00