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Skills Clinic / Technical Riding

Skills Clinic / Technical Riding

Sonoma Bike Guides offers skills clinic for both mountain and road riding. Get a small group together or have a 1 on 1 experience with a professional. We will go over bike fit, safety, cornering and balance, bunny hopping, and most importantly proper braking and seeing the trail or road ahead of you.
We can cater to any type of coaching needed. Want to improve on your dh skills? Are you a cross country racer that is ahead of the group on climb just to get passed on the descents? Want to be able to make a section on a trail or ride a trail your intimidated by? Want to learn the basics of road safety and how to stay safe out on the roads. Have a child that you want to teach to ride or improve their skills?

We will go over bike fit and bike inspection first and then head out for about 1.5 hrs on bike. There will be opportunities for video and pics to help or capture your accomplishments.

The price is the same for mtn or road so please sign up here online for the course and we will go over locations and needs through email or phone. or 707-583-1818



Ask about our teach your kid to ride a bike lesson only $65 for a one on one lesson. Most kids learn in this lesson if child needs to come back its only $45. Email us at for more info.


Location: Sonoma County

Duration: 1 day(s)

Skill & Fitness Level: 1

Price: $165.00